GAEBI is a pure Korean word which means ‘A piece of split wood’ and ‘Renewal’.

In the rapidly changing modern culture, GAEBI  have worked in more fashionable jobs than others. but It was too fast for us. So We have wondered about the unfashionable life in our society which is out of fashion.
What is the best life for us ? It doesn’t matter to be a bit slower than others and to be different from others.
What is sustainable beauty that does not have to be changed every time fashion changes?
Our goal is to break down the boundaries between tradition and modernity, to break the boundaries between art and living, to be appreciate about the things that are
disappearing rather than just not for ordinary beauty, and to introduce valuable things that we want to keep for a long time.

What We Do

  • SPACE DESIGN: fashion advertisement, product displaying, planning exhibition      etc…
  • 3D GRAPHIC: interior & exterior
  • 2D GRAPHIC: branding, business card, logo, illustration, web site etc…
  • PRODUCT DESIGN & PHOTOGRAPHY: http://www.gaebi.co.kr
          We introduce some product that to be reinterpreted the oriental symbols of love,

          health and peace, as well as cotton and silk fabrics harvested from Laos farms.

          During our travels in Laos, we saw our past in their lives of hand-woven cloths
          without resorting to machinery. This place will also change rapidly in the future,
          but I will expect their lives to preserve the tradition without losing a pure smile.
          We went too far for going back to the past. However, you can feel the weight of
          time, the preciousness of life, and the value of tradition from the things that
          someone created with care by hand.
          We have 2 story line for product.

          1. I had a dream of you

              Cotton harvested from the Laos farm and natural coloring products that
              everyone can feel comfortable are introduced. We find talent from the children
              with less opportunity to learn and children that are staying  in the only National
              Orphan School in Laos And we design a product line that create sustainable jobs.
              You can make hope out of the sparkling things made by their hands.

          2. Ideal harmony in your dream

              There are   luxurious Asian mood handmade scarves and handicrafts made with
              Laos silk. Traditional and unique patterns can be encountered, and products
              made by hand can feel the sophistication and warmth that machines can not
              follow. You can also find products with  GAEBI’s illustration which is a modern
              reinterpreted Korean traditional patterns.


The ten traditional symbols of longevity_Cloud

Long ago, people in Korea had objects onto which they drew the ten traditional symbols of longevity. These ten symbols were believed to provide the owner with a long and healthy life. The cloud is one of these ten symbols, and the motive of this cushion is clouds and oriental patterns. Because of it’s modern colors, this cushion matches well with most surroundings. This is a perfect gift for your friends and family.





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